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"Beak Does It Better"

Welcome to the website of the BEAK group of companies:

BEAK Holdings Pty Ltd 

ACN 153 121 398

ABN 12 153 121 398

BEAK Engineering Pty Ltd

ACN 122 373 022

ABN 35 122 373 022

BEAK Electrical Pty Ltd

ACN 153 121 389

ABN 99 153 121 389


ACN 152 642 441

ABN 53 152 642 441

BEAK Rentals Pty Ltd

ACN 153 121 405

ABN 29 153 121 405

Core Business
BEAK’s core business activities are to:

  • Provide through life support for the helicopter landing systems and related aviation systems on military ships;
  • Design, manufacture and provide through life support of GSE, including ground power equipment; and
  • Perform modifications, repair and overhaul of industrial electric motors and associated equipment.

Whether we are maintaining the helicopter landing gear on a Navy frigate, rewinding an electric motor or building a ruggedised ground power unit, the outcome is the same – “BEAK does it better”.
The quality of our products and services is derived from our comprehensive technical knowledge and skill sets combined with our extensive capabilities and facilities which means that you can be confident of a positive outcome when you put your trust in BEAK.

Our products…...high quality, reliable and durable
Our service……, dependable and responsive

BEAK’S Market Focus & Positioning
As sole Australian/New Zealand licensee of the OEMs for ship board aviation systems, including the Recovery Assist, Secure & Traverse (RAST) helicopter landing system on RAN Frigates, BEAK Engineering provides on site and field support anywhere, anytime.  This focus on customer requirements applies across the BEAK group of companies.


BEAK GSE is Australia’s largest manufacturer of ground power units.  Whether it be through sales & support or rental, BEAK GSE can meet your requirements, providing power when and where you need it.


Recognising the need for specialised requirements in all sectors of the electric motor market, BEAK has carved out a reputation as both a first class electric motor modifier and a high volume operation to one and all industries.
When a business cannot accept down time and fast turnaround is paramount, major manufacturers trust BEAK ELECTRICAL.


Be it a requirement for Defence or mining-